Type : ZR (Super Long Cast Stainless Bearings)

Size: (1150) 5mm x 11mm x 4mm & (1030) 3mm x 10mm x 4mm


Back in 2015 I received a package from Lightspeed Lures.The package contained a bearing pack –Hedgehog Studio ZR Kattobi Bearings.I planned to replace the bearings on my Abu Garcia Silvermax II with these high performance bearings to see how they would perform.Along 2015 I had a great time fishing with the bearings.It’s been a year now – I planned a video review a long while ago but I lost roughly one year of footage when my harddrive failed.Since I have no videos,I will write up on my experience with these high performance bearings.

Stay tuned for updates of this post that might contain videos of the ZR Kattobi Bearings performing.


The Hedgehog Studios ZR Kattobi Bearings costs roughly MYR70 (2015).In my opinion the price is reasonable for the performance and quality obtained.Hedgehog Studio is a leader in performance tuning parts for fishing reels.You can’t go wrong when it comes to Japanese tuning parts.

I always wondered if custom bearings were really worth it.A friend told me that you will get what you pay for.There is a reason people are willing to spend on certain things like custom bearings.One fine day a package arrived in the mail and I was stoked to try it out.With the help of a friend and his spool bearing remover,my Abu Garcia Silvermax II was rigged with the Hedgehog Studios ZR Kattobi bearings.(Side plate bearing & spool bearing)


Mr.Fahmi,the owner of Lightspeed Lures advised me to take my reel out and give it a try.He told me that the bearings have a ‘loading time’ and they might be a bit noisier than stock bearings.After a few casts then the performance can be felt.The bearings come pre-oiled,so all you have to do is to just replace it with the stock bearings in your reel.

On my first session with the bearings,I managed some good birdnests thanks to my under estimation of the bearings’ performance.According to Hedgehog Studios,the ZR Kattobi Bearings will aid in increasing casting distance for lures ranging from 5g-50g.I approve that.I used lures from 5-20+ grams and my casting distance increased.I used less force in my casts and my lures still managed to travel long distances.Making casts was effortless.There was certainly more noise compared to stock bearings,but personally I think that is not much of a problem.

While fishing in tight quarters I only had to flick my rod a bit to send my 5g lure out for a good distance.Birdnests were common in the beginning but it was all down to my skill.In time my control of my reel got better and making sweet casts was a breeze.

Skipping lures and making technical casts were no problem as well.The faster rotation of the bearings aided in making longer skip casts.I also tried out fishing lures below 5g to see how it would affect casting distance.I used lures ranging from 2g-4g with no noticeable decrease in distance compared to stock Silvermax II bearings.I even fished weightless soft plastics with no decrease in casting distance.

Conclusion : The Hedgehog Studio ZR Kattobi Bearings are worth the money.I still remember myself smirking after making some long,sweet casts.Effortless casts and longer casting distances are the key reasons you should look at if you are planning to buy these bearings.At the moment the bearings are not in my Silvermax II anymore,but I am planning to put them back.I miss making sweet roll casts onto weed edges..waiting for a snakehead to come out and bite.The Hedgehog Studios ZR Kattobi Bearing is a great addition if you plan to increase the performance of your reel.Various models are out for different reels.Check out http://www.hedgehog-studio.co.jp/ for information on different bearings models and sizes to match your reel/reels.Special thanks goes out to Lightspeed Lures for the chance to try out the Hedgehog Studio bearings.My perception towards custom reel parts has changed in a positive way.Thank you for reading & tight lines.



Setup Used:

Reel : Abu Garcia Silvermax II
Line: Various lines,mainly 20-30lb cheap braid & 10lb mono

Rod: Surecatch D-Legend 10-20lb (6’9”,2pc),Abu Garcia Tournament K 15-30lb (7’0,2pcs)

-Casting distance was certainly better with the 7’0 Tournament K.

Bearing model used in review : http://lightspeedlures.blogspot.my/p/hedgehog-performance-tuned-spool.html

Lightspeed Lures :  https://www.facebook.com/lightspeedlures/?fref=nf


26/7/16 -At the moment no photos or videos of catches/experiences with the bearings have been found.

30/7 – Some photos have been found