Peacock Bass fishing in Air Kuning,Perak

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Back in October & November 2016.I had the chance to fish Air Kuning,Perak for my first time.Ask any avid angler about Air Kuning and you will hear about Peacock Bass and Giant Snakeheads.Air Kuning has become a prime arena for Peacock Bass fishing in Malaysia.Get your techniques right and with sustenance you might end up with some lunker Peacocks.I wrote for and the articles can be read in the following links (Part 1 & Part 2).It has been around 7 months and I finally caught my first Air Kuning Peacock Bass recently.The article is coming.

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Part 1 –

Part 2 –


Mini Amazon – Kg.Beng,Perak,Malaysia

Check out my article for on my trip to Malaysia’s Mini Amazon back in January 2016.( was a great one day trip (and my first solo trip) with the crew of views,the people and the experience made it a great trip.One of my fondest memories of the trip was the 3 a.m sky as we arrived.Walking along the banks of Chenderoh Lake in complete darkness with absolutely no light pollution was amazing.The sky was a beautiful painting of thousands of stars on an endless canvas.My neck hurted that night from staring up to the sky.The views as we exited a main river section and entered the labyrinths to hunt down Peacock Bass was spectacular as well.Screwpines,hydrilla mats scattered and dense jungle – it was truly Amazon-like.Pictures of the trip are available on & Mr.Andrew’s site ( .I might upload more of my shots here.Please refer to the bottom of this post for any updates of photos or videos of the trip.I am planning to write on some tips I learned during the trip as well,stay tuned.

I would like to say thanks to’s founder,Mr.Noru for the opportunity to join the team and write.It is an honour to be able to hone my skills with Malaysia’s leading angling site.

Do check out Mr.Andrew Griffin’s short summary of our trip.It was a pleasure to fish with him and I sure had an overdose of fishing videos along the journey to Kg Beng thanks to Mr.Andrew.Here’s a little bit of what you can read from Mr.Andrew’s website:

“The fishing group was made up of Noru, Badrul, and a young Malaysian angler, Amirul Irfan, making his first solo venture. We travelled up late on Friday evening, finally arriving at our destination at around 3.30am in the morning.”


“The place itself was stunning – the views were magnificent. We fished hard for the morning session, but didn’t catch anything and only had a few strikes, including missing two snakehead hits on weedless frog lures in an overgrown backwater section of the river. I was completely knackered by the lunch-break and we all, with the exception of the youngster, took a long nap before the second in the afternoon. This session was a complete blank. But, once again, the scenery was a privilege to see and be part of.

As I said, the trip was a blur to me because of my tiredness, and my story of the trip is given in the following photographs. However, Amirul has given a comprehensive write-up of the trip here:

This is a great place and I will definitely return to give it a second try sometime in the future.”

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