amirulirfanfishing.wordpress.com is a site you can read if you are into sportfishing,tackle and adventure.I write on my experiences on fishing with various gear by some amazing companies.Fish or no fish,every trip has a story waiting to be shared.Stay tuned as this site is a work in progress.

Amirul Irfan 

19/Angler/freelance fishing writer/brand ambassador/pro staff based in Bintulu,Sarawak / Batang Kali,Selangor at different times of the year & currently studying Fisheries.I regularly write for TheAsianAngler magazine and occasionally I write for Rod & Line Magazine,Fishyology.com and I plan to write here on my own site.I mainly fish for freshwater game fish such as Striped Snakeheads,Giant Snakeheads,Hampala Barbs and Peacock Bass but since I am now in Bintulu,my focus has shifted to inshore gamefish species.I have a special taste for JDM fishing tackle.Baits,rods,reels and lines from the Japanese market always intrigue me.Still,I do appreciate tackle from anywhere in the world.I spend a lot of time running through hashtags in Instagram to enjoy some great tackle pics 😀 I like many fishing companies out there and I have products from many companies but on social media I mainly feature products from companies I am affiliated with.I’ve been lure fishing since I was probably 2 years old back in the United States and I seriously got into luring for Malaysian gamefish when I was 10.From then the world changed into the world I am in today.

Some companies I’m with/affiliations:

Purefishing Malaysia [Abu Garcia,Berkley,Spiderwire,Penn]

Deeper [Pro Staff]

MalaysianGameFishingAnglers [Viper,Rodford Creations,ORCraft,SiamSpoon]

Lightspeed Lures [Pro Staff]

Channa Anglers

Fishyology.com [Writer]

TheAsianPublisher [Junior writer]

Previous companies:

Surecatch [May 2015-December 2015]

Penfishingrods.com [2014-2015]


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